Do you have a backup plan for your embroidery? Embroidery Talk with Sue

It's a great question, and hopefully, everyone answers YES, and you backup your computers or at least your embroidery designs stash.  In this podcast, I explain to you how we back up our backup for business files…seriously, we have at least 2 copies of each design saved just in case.  It is really important to back up your files in case of computer failure or worse….Can you imagine trying to remember or figure out how to get all of your designs back?  How many designs do you have on your computer?  Have you lost all of your designs before?  Make your life easier by backing up the files that you need the most.  You will thank me later.  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Do you have a backup plan for your embroidery?
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  3. Embroidery Talk with Sue – What does Sue do all day?

Apr 7 • 30:59

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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Embroidery Talk podcast!  In this episode, we do get a bit silly, but it is a great conversation, too.  We are mainly talking about the channel and the designs and changes that we have made to each – a big change being no commercials on the channel for the month of April and WHY we are doing this – and how it will benefit you.  We still have the goal of 100K subscribers for the OML Embroidery youtube channel, and hopefully making the videos more enjoyable will help us get to that goal. Join us for our fun podcast and let us know what you think so far!!!

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