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Do you have an embroidery software stash?  Most people do, and it is OK to have more than one embroidery software on your computer.

Although I use Wilcom E3 and Wilcom Hatch on a daily basis, and probably 95% of my digitizing time is spent using the Wilcom programs, I do have a few embroidery programs at my disposal.  Why?  That’s easy – because I don’t expect Wilcom to have absolutely everything in one program!  It’s simply not possible!

Take Wilcom Hatch for example – its a very powerful program, easy to use and has many, many merits.  Did I say powerful?  Yes.  Its one of the few programs that I will always keep.  I like its whole layout, its functionality and the logic behind the interface.  The other thing that I really like is that I bought the top module, and got everything – you don’t have to worry about anything – one click and done, and you have the full program.  Hatch is one of my go-to programs, and I know it’s going to remain that way.  So why do I have any other programs?  Hatch doesn’t have absolutely everything I may want and it’s unreasonable to think that it should.  I keep Embird on one computer  because Embird has the Sfumato stitch program for making a certain type of photo digitizing designs – they have a high stitch count and therefore take a long time to stitch, however, if you use Sfumato correctly, you can have simply beautiful designs with a certain style (see below)

On one hand, it would be super cool for Hatch to have EVERYTHING, but on the other hand, I would like them to keep everything powerful and fast, I would like that much better, rather than adding different modules for different things.  Hatch could add a few tools here and there (ooooo the knife tool was a great surprise), and keep everything running powerfully and smoothly!  When I want to do some photo-stitching, then I move over to Embird, do what I want and stitch it out, or bring in the machine file to Hatch and add some lettering.  There is nothing wrong with using more than one program for various specialized tasks, it works out very well for me!

So for all of you out there with one embroidery software and think that you should not have more than one, think again!  Having more than one program will expand your skills and make some tasks easier!  Don’t expect one program to have absolutely everything, that is not a reasonable request…there is never going to be one program that has it all.  NEVAH!  So expand your horizons and look into building up a small stash – every investment you make will make your embroidery better.  And investing in Wilcom is never a mistake – even if you already own some kind of embroidery software, the people at Wilcom have made it even easier to buy Hatch – you can try it for free for 30 days and then if you decide to purchase it, you can pay $199 a month to pay it off.  That makes everything worthwhile.  Oh, and if you didn’t know – you can get Hatch from Digitizing Made Easy and get a ton of bonuses with your purchase and your free trial – you can get free classes,  and 3 months of John Deer’s embroidery designs just to name a few.

Open your mind to the possibilities!  It’s OK to have more than one embroidery software, it’s OK to have an embroidery software stash – most digitizers do have more than one program to make certain tasks easier.  So don’t simply stick with one program because you feel that you have to, look towards expanding your skills and making your embroidery life easier.  You never know until you try it, right?

If you do have more than one embroidery software that you use, list them in the comments.  Its interesting to see what other people use!





3 responses to “Embroidery Software Stash”

  1. Gloria Avatar

    I need a digitizing software program. I have already purchased Embird software,but, was wondering which digitizing software would you recommend for a newcomer. Friendliness ???

    1. OML Embroidery Avatar

      EMBIRD does have a bit of a learning curve. I don’t really recommend any sofware exactly, but i do recommend that y you try other programs and keep an open mind. My favorite right now is Wilcom Hatch for so many reasons! If you want to try Hatch, go do digitizingmadeeasy.com and check it out. It is easy to use and has all the power of Wilcom, and everyone so far finds it very user friendly. In my opinion it is worth a try, you never know. thanks and Happy Digitizing!

  2. Terry Avatar

    My embroidery machine came with Stitch N Sew software. I was so intimidated with digitizing at first I ran away from it. When I could afford it, I purchased Wilcom Deco Studio. And now that I got the hang of digitizing, I am revisiting SNS as it has features that Deco Studio does not have. So I will probably use both when I get a tablet to ease the carpel tunnel.
    I do like the auto digitizing in Wilcom better though. I may have to tweek some work but not much. I don’t draw so I use vector art I pay for for get free use for my designs. I break apart designs sometimes to create something new.

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