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One of the most frequent questions that we get is ” are you going to do any videos using the _________embroidery software?”

And the quick answer is No.  Not NO because I don’t want to, but no because I do not have the program!    If I had the program, i would most certainly do tutorials on each program!  I have skills that allow me to pick up very quickly on any software that you put in front of me – especially embroidery software.  I absolutely love embroidery software!  Especially new ones, that makes me very happy.  But, breaking the bank to provide tutorials, sadly does not.  If each embroidery program was the same cost as a video game, I would have them ALL.  Quite a few of the embroidery programs cost thousands to own, and clearly that is not an option!

BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION!   Every embroidery company wants to do guides and tutorials on their software – the more people use the software, the more they sell and the happier everyone is.  The issue is most of the time the videos are quite often just about how to use the tools, not how to use the software in a workflow.  The end result is that there are not many useful videos out there!  Lets face it, some of the embroider tutorials are terrible – hard to hear, can’t see the detail, lots of background noise and are simply hard to watch, let alone learn!

MY IDEA IS THIS:  if you want me to work on a different embroidery software – CONTACT THE CREATORS OF THE SOFTWARE and ask them to provide me with a copy!  If enough people ask, they will do it!  They love having popular tutorials out there!    If I can get my hands on different embroidery software, i would be happy to make some awesome tutorials!  So go ahead, get your group together and everyone send an email to the creators, and get them on board with this idea.   You can assure them that I will work hard on their software and provide regular useful (and awesome) tutorials on how to use their software and become Happy Digitizers, no matter what software you use!

Hopefully that will field a lot of the questions that I get.  Right now I have Embird full program (I love embird) and Tajima DG15 (i almost love tajima, lol) and I can only do videos on these programs!   So if you want tutorials on other programs, make your voice heard!  When I say no, I can’t do videos other than Embird or DG15, people don’t really understand – but once I explain this to them, it becomes clear – its really expensive!

In the meantime, you can look forward to more Embird videos, and hopefully in the future some new software videos!

Thanks everyone!


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