Embird Studio Digitizing the cool Puzzle motif

We are still working on the puzzle motif, this time in Embird Studio. In this video, I show you how to set up the motif, save the EOF file and then the stitch file and last but not least create a BMP (bitmap image) of the design so we can get creating the user-defined motif in the next video!!

Have you tried the new and fun embroidery project that we have been working on in OML Embroidery University? it’s a puzzle piece. This week I digitized the puzzle piece in Hatch Embroidery software 2, and this video is doing the same thing in Embird Embroidery Software! This is not any puzzle piece machine embroidery designs – this puzzle piece makes a fantastic motif stitch! The key to this design is making the puzzle piece embroidery design perfectly symmetrical – if you create the design by manually digitizing each piece, the motif stitch will not look correct when you put it all together, so take your time digitizing each piece carefully. When you have created all of the parts, then you can branch the entire design so that there is one start point and one finish point. Make sure you save the embird EOF file before you go any further. Embird EOF is the working file for embird, so if you need to go back into Embird Studio and make changes, you need to use the working EOF file. The next step is to compile and save into Embird Editor – and you can save a stitch file so that you can send it to your embroidery machine if you wanted to stitch it out to see how it looks. Once you save the stitch file, head over to Embird Manager and export a bitmap (BMP) image and that is where we are going to pick up in the next video – we need the BMP to create the embroidery motif in Embird Studio.



2 responses to “Embird Studio Digitizing the cool Puzzle motif”

  1. P Keeley Avatar
    P Keeley

    TY Sue for another great video

  2. WillieMae Charles Avatar
    WillieMae Charles

    Ilike puzzle motif. Must go and get imine.

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