Embird: Making a cool Motif

Create your own motif stitches

If you don’t already know, you can create your own motif stitches and save them in Embird Studio!   We do have an awesome instructional step by step video that will help you make your own motif stitches.  In that video, we made alphabet letters, but for this tutorial, we can make anything we want – even a gun!!

The first step is to navigate into Studio and click on the OBJECTS menu, and then click on User Editors (shortcut CTRL+ALT+U) and this screen pops up:


Nw you have the power of Embird in your hands!  Click on the middle icon, and the design editing comes up  – make sure you click on the motif tab so you can create motif stitches. After you have everything ready, you can now import a small image to use as a backdrop for the design.  The new design covers up the design lines, but leaves the circle and the stitch line.


Remember the rules of motif stitches – they go one way – that is there is a start point and an end point that must stay at the start and end so that they connect when the stitches are formed – that is why the circle stays in view!  So make sure your start and end points are even, and then you can start adding your stitch points in between those points:


This may take  a bit of getting used to, but its really easy once you get going!  If you look at the motif box with the black bounding box and down in the right corner, you can see what your motif stitches look like:  so far so good.  I need to make a few changes to make the stitches more fluid – but its all coming together fine!  There are no curved points, so remember not to add too many stitch points – the motif stitch is quite small, so you don’t want to have tons of needle penetrations going on.

Once I have refined the design and watched it stitch out a few times, made a few more changes, my Gun Motif stitch is ready to go!  Voila!  a Gun motif!!


If you want to learn more about Motif stitches and how to make them in a step by step video, check out our Motif Class and you can learn to create any motif stitch that you want.  Awesome!
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