Do you mix and match quilting embroidery designs?

Do you mix and match? if you have not tried mixing and matching, check out this video where I put two  Anit Goodesign quilting collections together to make a gorgeous wall hanging!!

In this video, I am going to show you how I mixed and matched 2 embroidery design collections – both for quilting blocks. The first embroidery design that I selected was from the July 2019 All Access embroidery book, and the design was from the Folk Art Animal quilt! I loved the bright fabric colors and the folded fabric borders – and there were so many cute folk art animals to pick from – so many embroidery designs in one collection! I decided on the folk art bunny rabbit to be the central focus of my quilted wall hanging. For the second quilting set to mix and match, I picked a border design from the Beautiful Blocks and Borders collections which is another huge collection of embroidery designs and embroidery patterns for the edges or borders of the quilt blocks. There are so many gorgeous embroidery designs in this collection, it was really difficult to select which embroidery design would look the best! The flower embroidery design would be gorgeous – but I wanted to keep the fabric colors and the embroidery thread colors in the range of orange and blue – 2 shades of machine embroidery thread, and a few shades of blue embroidery thread, similar to the folk art animal quilt. I am so happy how this embroidered wall hanging turned out. Even with the bright and happy fabric and the bright thread, this embroidery makes a statement. And thanks to Anita Goodesign, it is truly beautiful and I am so proud of my stitch work!!


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  1. GAIL HARDOCK Avatar

    I am currently making a quilt for my granddaughter. Not only have I mixed and matched embroidery designs but the designs themselves are from different sources. I have mixed Continuous Line blocks with some Filled design blocks and also Redwork design blocks, and then done some plainer stipple blocks to break it all up and give the eye a rest. I will post once it is all done – a labor of love as it is also a weighted quilt for her as she has difficulties getting calmed for bed at night. Whew! It has been a designing challenge as I thought I could do quilt as go blocks but that does not work with having fill weighted pockets as the backing could not be stitched yet. Once I have it all figured out and done I will share.

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