Density and “fixing” files

We often get questions about “fixing” density in files.  Although you can change the density when you are working on EOF files, most of the time the density remains constant, even if you are resizing your objects or moving them around, or both.

The first thing to always remember is that even though you are working on a file in Studio, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an EOF file.  Sure, you can rename the file .EOF, but it may not have the editing properties of an .EOF file!  For example, if you take a a file in editor, Flower.PES file and bring it into Studio and rename it Flower. EOF, it is still not a native EOF file (it is still a PES stitch file) and all of the editing power of Studio will not work on a stitch file!

So, how can you tell if you can edit a file in Studio?  There are a few ways – if you have CREATED the file in Studio, you will have all of the editing power that Studio can offer to you – including controlling the density.  If you were in editor and brought the file, or parts of the file into Studio, then you do not have a .EOF file, you still have a stitch file and you can’t do much editing.

Going along with the question “how to I fix density” in a file in studio, after many back and forth questions, we come to realize that the person has bought the file from a designer, and wanted to change it in Studio.   They have usually re-sized the file quite a bit, and the density is terrible and makes a complete mess of the file.  The file may look fine in Studio, but stitching it out is a whole other story!

So here are some straight up embroidery rules to live by:

  1.  If you buy embroidery files, remember that you can’t edit those files.   You must contact the designer if you want help changing the size.  Keep in mind that most designers offer the file in different sizes – if you buy the file small one month, and then need it large another time, you have to go back and buy the larger file – there can be big differences from big to small.
  2. IF YOU DIDN’T CREATE IT, don’t mess with it!  You will create a density mess, among other things!
  3. DON’T BRING FILES INTO STUDIO…you can create files in studio, or re-open previously created files in studio and you will not have any density issues.
  4. DON’T STITCH OUT FILES BEFORE CHECKING DENSITY!   When I create a file, i check density, view in 3D and then do the stitch simulator to make sure things are in the right place.

IN CONCLUSION:  Do not change or edit the stitch files that you have bought!  DO NOT BRING THEM INTO STUDIO AND EXPECT THEM TO BE EDITABLE IN STUDIO.  After all, the designer has designed the stitch files, and probably does not want you to make any changes anyways!   Save yourself the frustration and hassle of changing someone else’s files.    Instead of wasting time, effort, thread materials and possibly damaging your machine, do the digitizing yourself and learn the program, or use the design as you have bought it.  Your machine will thank you!

That is all 🙂






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