Dachshund Embroidery Design 2


Did you know that the first dachshund design has a brother?  It might be a twin brother, because they are equally as cute!

This is a great design to use on just about anything!  You can add a few letters and make a super cute doxie embroidery design!  Here are a few examples of what you can do with this awesome embroidery design:

dachshund embroidery design

Add a little bit of lettering and you have a great gift 

dachshund embroidery design on a teddy bear

dachshund embroidery design on a teddy bear! Looks adorable!


dachshund embroidery design on a towel

add some lettering and create cute doggie towels

dachshund embroidery design on an apron

add some lettering and embroider on an apron. What a great mom gift!




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