Couching is what?

Couching is making designs with yarn and thread! Your machine has to be able to do couching designs – it requires a pathway for the yarn to keep the tension even and a special couching foot that has room for the yarn and the thread. On the sewing side, you can use different feet to do couching manually. I prefer watching the embroidery machine do all the work!

On the Luminaire 3 upgrade, they added some cool couching letters. They look AWESOME! Check out the video HERE on youtube and I show you how the machine is set up, how to make sure that the yarn has zero tension and how to thread the yarn on the machine.

The letters were great and they were fun to stitch out. I wanted to try and see if I could make some of my own designs using couching – there has to be at least one skull, right? yeah. So I did – and I used different stitches to make the couching design look more like chenille, and I love couching even more now!!!

If your machine can do couching please follow the manual for the proper set up of the yarn, foot and thread. Make sure that you try one of my cool designs on your machine too. Here is a bundle of couching designs that includes two kitties in a window, a flower and of course Mr. Skully. Check them out.

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