Class 5: Digitizing from a Photograph with no copyright issues.

This is the newest class released just yesterday: Digitizing from a Photograph. While it was recorded using the Hatch software, it is going to be applicable to ANY embroidery software. Yes, I have instructions with Hatch, but you can easily translate them to the software that you use. And why would you do this? because this is a great class for anyone and everyone.

At the beginning of the class, I talk about digitizing and clip art. Everyone seems to think that you need clip art to digitize. No so. One of the main reasons that I don’t use very much clip art is that most of the time you are violating some kind of copyright issue by using it for embroidery, or by selling the embroidery design – be aware that you can get in some big trouble for this!

I am going to take a moment to briefly touch on this copyright issue – just briefly. To me, there are two kinds of digitizers: Ones who sell Disney designs or create their own Disney designs (exchange Disney for Marvel/Superheros/movies, etc) and make some quick cash, and those who come up with their own ideas. I see so freaking many Etsy stores and websites that sell Disney designs…and are getting away with it FOR NOW. Does anyone realize the risk they are taking? Disney for one, will catch up with you – and you are going to lose everything when they do – the longer you continue to sell their designs, the harder you will fall. The sad part is the people the buy the Disney designs and continue to do so – the sellers literally clean up for a time – but don’t be too jealous, it’s not going to last too long – and when it’s over, they have to pay back ALL OF THE MONEY they have made, plus a fine and possibly be criminally charged. Is it really worth it? NO. I have heard stories…scary stories, of people designing their own Disney stuff, and then losing their shop, their house and every piece of equipment that they used…and then claim “it’s not fair” . Yes. Yes, it is. So my advice? DO NOT DIGITIZE ANY COPYRIGHT DESIGNS. NEVER. EVER. Its just not worth it. If y’all think you are never going to get caught, think again. Especially with Disney.

And if y’all are going to post any copyright designs in any group, I am going to delete it. I have heard of two Silhouette Cameo group admins that got into a lot of trouble for people showing, sharing and using files that have copyright designs. One lady put up a Transformer design in the Wilcom Hatch group, and I deleted it because it’s a copyrighted design…and boy oh boy was she mad at me for daring to delete her picture. Really? I am not going to get into trouble for you, that’s for sure.

OK. Enough said.

So, how do we get around any copyright issues? TAKE A PICTURE. USE THAT PICTURE AS A BACKDROP FOR YOUR EMBROIDERY. Anything that you see outside in public is public domain. Now, I said in public – you can’t go into the Disney Store and take a picture of a Disney character and claim that it is public domain, that’s not public, they still own the character. I am talking about in your backyard..on the street, in a public park…or old buildings (with permission) or even your own house! Why not? There are no copyright issues at all – you never have to worry about a company coming back to you in two years claiming any violation – you just show them the picture that you digitized from and BAM its over. Its a fantastic idea, but some people don’t know where to start.

Enter class 5, digitizing from a photograph. It’s all about ideas. Even if you don’t have Hatch, you can gain some inspiration, ideas, and instruction from this class!! ITS ALL ABOUT IDEAS.

The class consists of ONE PHOTOGRAPH. That’s right, just one. And I make 11 designs from that one photograph!! BRILLIANT! There is no need for any clip art, go into your backyard and take a picture of what you like, and digitize it! The picture we used is nothing fancy – but 11 different designs??? You can’t do better than that! Actually it’s 12, because I did a very detailed design from the picture as well. We do a simple design with flat stitches and outlines, 4 different ways of doing the same design in appliqué, we had curves and fancy stitches and then we do some detail work. The possibilities are endless.

class 5 total flowers

You should take an hour and expand your knowledge base, your whole digitizing job depends on it – learn how to digitize anything from a photograph!! Your backyard is full of ideas – learn how to capture them in embroidery. The class is one hour long, and costs only $10.00, and it will expand your whole embroidery world.

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  1. Holly Avatar

    Which product of Hatch do you use to digitize your photograph?

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