Big Class coming up tomorrow!

We polled our Facebook group to see what everyone wanted for classes:  and the general answer was appliqué!  We have adjusted our class schedules to make this adjustment, and now we have couple of weeks set aside for some cool appliqué classes.

Everyone knows the basics of appliqué, so we have spent a couple of days designing some more complicated appliqué designs that incorporate multiple tools and techniques.  These are going to be advanced classes, and will focus more on creating the appliqués than explaining any tools that we may be using.

The first class goes right into the request:  An Easter themed bookmark that has two different appliqués in layers, but is also an in-the hoop design.  The result will be a free standing bookmark, that has a fully designed front with lettering, two appliqués and a finished look with a back side that looks pretty.

For this class, you will need to set aside some time to be able to create the design from start to finish, and of course time to stitch out your design – including cutting out the appliqué fabric.   This is a great project for anyone to do – and you will learn all of the ins and outs of appliqué.

Class is due to be released tomorrow, March 9, 2016 and it will be Class 6:  Appliqué in the hoop Easter bookmark.   I did a few of them with different appliqué fabrics.  The last one I did is by far my favourite – although it doesn’t show up well in the picture – i used two pieces of felt – the navy blue for the egg with tons of sparkles in it  – and the white for the bookmark part – the white also has sparkles in it – it looks absolutely fantastic in person!  I picked a nice bright yellow to do all of the appliqué bits, although I think hat the lettering might have been better in a darker blue to match the egg.  I think the whole design looks great though, and you will have fun learning how to make these for yourself or anyone that reads – add a name to make it more personal!  It will be a great easter gift and a great way to use up your fabric scraps.


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