Are you a mug rug addict yet?

LEARN. STITCH. SMILE. You can be a master of mug rugs!

OML Embroidery will show you how!

We have been having so much fun creating mug rugs and sewing them out on Saturday’s! All is in support of the OML Embroidery Channel. Without your support, we can’t keep doing what we are doing! Make sure you check out our newest mug rugs! Every purchase you make helps keep the channel going!

OUR GOAL: we want everyone to enjoy machine embroidery and embroidery applique! Each mug rug that you stitch will improve your embroidery skills in so many ways!

Our second goal is to get 100,000 subscribers on the OML Embroidery youtube channel. Why? 3 reasons. The first reason is that there would be 100K people that have learned embroidery without frustration. That would be awesome – I love hearing success stories from embroidery people who jumped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. The second reason is that we will have created the biggest embroidery community on youtube. Yeah, that’s cool. There are huge quilting and sewing channels, but embroidery is lagging far behind. Third reason. This one is a bit personal, but after I had a heart attack, I decided to make my mark and get one of those youtube awards for 100K subscribers. It’s just a silly plaque and doesn’t mean much on its own, but it means lots to me! Those are 3 pretty good reasons, and I would love to make it happen.

The one big thing that we are trying to do is to get you to a stage where you understand the embroidery designs and the steps you need to take, without printed instructions. Is this possible? yes, it sure is. Once you get to know how to make the mug rugs and applique pieces, you will realize that they have the same steps! Placement, stitch down and trim and then the final stitches. No matter how many applique pieces are in the design, they always do the same steps.

The mug rugs are done 3 different ways, and each mug rug done in one style finishes the same way.

Satin stitch finish: this style is finished completely in the hoop with a satin stitch finish. stitch normally, and there will be a color change that is the shape of the whole design. Add your fabric to the back, face down and stitch the outline. Once that is done, trim front and back and stitch the outside finishing satin stitches.

Folded fabric finish: this style of mug rug is also finished in the hoop, but instead of satin stitches, you use 2 pieces of folded fabric that are overlapped and put on top of the design, with the folds towards the middle. This makes a fantastic back finish and makes it easy to turn your mug rug the right way.

Sewing Finish: for this style of mug rug, you place the fabric on top of the stitching, face down. then stitch the tack down stitches, and part of the mug stitch down leaves a gap. This is for turning and then you have to sew the gap closed once you turn the mug rug the correct way.

Don’t worry, we don’t just throw you into making mug rugs. We do a sew along every Saturday and show you how it’s done. You can do this!

Until next time,

Sue Brown

Mug Rug Queen 🙂

13 responses to “Are you a mug rug addict yet?”

  1. Nancy Egelton Avatar
    Nancy Egelton

    Yes Im hooked on mugrugs!

    1. Bobbi Harrison Avatar
      Bobbi Harrison

      I really love making mug rugs!

  2. Janice Sprague Avatar
    Janice Sprague

    Not really. I do make them and enjoy the process but do lots of other items as well. One of the last things I have been doing is snowman wall hangings.

  3. Mary Ann Avatar
    Mary Ann

    For sure. I love them.

  4. lizelaine Avatar

    These Saturday AM sessions have diminished the anxiety of machine embroidry. The materials are minimal so if I mess up, I can just do another. Sue’s enthusiasm is contagious and each week it seems she adds a new challenge. This is the place to be if you are considering machine embroidery.

  5. Peggy Avatar

    I love mug rugs, but I can’t see a place to order the patterns

  6. Lyn Wigginton Avatar
    Lyn Wigginton

    Yes I am! Love your mug rugs Sue and the fact you have so many. Keep them up and I’ll keep making them with you. I am also enjoying Don’s new creations. Thank you both.

  7. >Esther Brosher Avatar
    >Esther Brosher

    Yes Im hooked

  8. >Esther Brosher Avatar
    >Esther Brosher

    still hooked

  9. Jo Ellen Roberson Avatar
    Jo Ellen Roberson

    I love watching Sue and Don and when I can make something using my 4×4 hoop I have such enjoyment. Keep up the good work❤

  10. Christine Vardy Avatar
    Christine Vardy


  11. Brenda SNOW Avatar
    Brenda SNOW

    Yes I am, made a lot of them for family for Christmas

  12. Gail Brandt Avatar
    Gail Brandt

    Do you have the flipflop mugrug for sale

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