OML Embroidery LIVE Sew Along: SNOWGIRL Mug Rug



Get ready for some mug rug fun! this mug rug is completed completely in the hoop on my Brother Dream Machine and will look fantastic with any home decor. Pick your fabric and let’s get stitching.

This Snow GIRL mug rug is created exactly the same as the Snowman Mug rug!

The embroidered mug rug design will fit into a 5×7 hoop.

Batting to fit into the 5 x 7 hoop.
FABRIC: 5×5 for the center square
FABRIC: 2 x 5 for the sides of the mug rug (x2, one for each side)
FABRIC: 4×4 inch felt (or any other fabric) for the snowman

Fabric for the back: you will need 2 8×7 pieces of fabric, folded in have (the longest way) and iron – you don’t have to iron these pieces, but it does make it easier to stitch them down at the end.

Embroidery thread: white, black, orange, gold metallic and silver metallic thread – I use Kingstar Metallic thread – it always works.

Sue Brown



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