Hello 2020 Mug Rug 4×4


Happy New year 2020!  Step by step instructions in the youtube video on OML Embroidery’s channel!


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Are you ready for 2020?  this mug rug will help you get there!!!  We stitched out this awesome 2020 mug rug in a larger size (5×7) on the OML Embroidery youtube channel – we had so much fun!  A few people asked for a smaller version of the mug rug, so I created a size smaller for the 4×4 hoop.  It is not exactly the same because you can’t take a large design and make it smaller – you have to have the appropriately sized details.  This 4×4 mug rug has one applique and the rest is stitching.  Other than that, the mug rug is completed exactly the same as in the video – including the folded fabric back and final trimming.


4×4 hoop

batting to fit into the hoop

Fabric to fit into the hoop, so 5×5

Back fabric x 2, size is 6×6, folded in half and meant to overlap each other – it is also helpful to iron the back fabric

machine embroidery thread

applique scissors for trimming

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One thought on “Hello 2020 Mug Rug 4×4

  1. Hello,
    I am brand new to embroidery. I’watched your live video doing the Hello 2020 mug may and would like to download the free design in EXP format.
    Can you help me get to the place I will be allowed to do this?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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