Part 5: Anita Goodesign Sew Along Halloween Town

Welcome to Part 5 of the  @Anita Goodesign  Halloween Town Sew Along! In this video, we are going to stitch out a quilt top, step by step! Lots of bright Halloween colors, pumpkin applique and scary ghosts – and of course the scary Halloween trees!!

Anita Goodesign ITH in the hoop drawstring bags!

Have you ever tried to stitch an in the hoop drawstring bag? If you have not tried yet, then you need to add this to your ITH creation list! These bags are finished completely in the hoop in two simple hoopings, and look amazing!

To get this gorgeous design, check out Anita Goodesign’s website: The drawstring bag is part of Anita’s Wonderland Premium collection so you don’t have to stop at one bag! The collection is full of matching placemats, table runners, free-motion blocks and scalloped blogs, plus so much more!! You can even stitch a matching coffee cozy!!

check out this video and follow along with me!

Anita Goodesign Quarter-Turn Quilt with a twist…a Halloween twist!

Think outside the box: OML Embroidery shows you how to make small changes to any embroidery design and create a new looking embroidery design. Anita Goodesign Quarter Turn Quilt from the All Access February 2019 edition. If you don’t have All Access, then you can get this amazing machine embroidery design here:…

Here is what you need to get started on this machine embroidery project. This is an embroidery design for beginner embroiderers and advanced embroiderers too.

Anita Goodesign Quarter Turn Quilt embroidery pattern , cutaway stabilizer (no show mesh cutaway stabilizer works best for quilting projects), fabric – you can use a layer cake for this project, depending on the size of the embroidery design you select, embroidery thread, tacky spray, quilt batting, duck-billed applique scissors.

The first step in this machine embroidery project is the foundation of the quilt block. Hoop the cutaway stabilizer and then add your quilt batting. Once it is stitched down, you can get your applique scissors out and trim the batting as close to the line as possible. Now you are ready to get stitching some applique in the hoop! Each applique piece has two parts – the first stitch is the placement stitch and then you add your applique fabric, then the second stitch is going to hold down the fabric. Once that has stitched, then you can use your applique scissors to trim the fabric.

In between some of the applique ITH in the hoop pieces, there will be satin stitches to cover up the applique raw edges. The satin stitches should be in a contrasting embroidery thread color so the satin stitches really stand out. Once you have finished all of the applique pieces and have trimmed them all with your applique scissors, then it’s time to sit back and watch the embroidery magic happen with all of the embroidery detail work: embroidered flowers, decorations and quilting detail work to complete the embroidery project.

Presentation is everything!

I am probably an “extra” type of person – I like to do things a bit differently, and usually outside the box. When I do something, I like to do it all the way – including extras that make a big difference and is the final touch for your presentation. Why give an embroidered gift when you can give an embroidered gift with a matching card – and get a lot of WOWs!!

I call this idea, “OML Crafty Extras” – a few extra things you can do to really spiff up your gift presentation. I use my cutter to make these crafty extras. I know not everyone is interested in using the cutters, but more and more people have them for pre-cutting fabric for their applique designs – so why not take it a bit further and create something for your embroidery?

For this crafty extra, I used a piece of plain cardstock, a glitter gel pen and my Cricut Maker! That’s it! It really took 5 minutes to put together and a few more to draw and cut it out. The key to this embroidery gift project is that the design in the card matches the embroidery design. Talk about classy!

The first thing you need to do is open up your embroidery design in your embroidery software. For this project, I used Wilcom E4, my top software. I brought in the embroidery design – a monogram from Shuler Studio that’s gorgeous – and I made a few changes. I didn’t worry about the size, but I did change the motif stitches on one of the letters for a better drawing result. I made the motif stitches simple and clear so that they would draw better.

The next thing you need to do – and you can do it in most embroidery software is to save the embroidery design as an image. In Wilcom E4 you can export the embroidery design in quite a few ways – but exporting the bitmap into a PNG seemed to pick up the detail.

PRO TIP: if you don’t have embroidery software that will allow you to export images of the embroidery, you can always take a screenshot on your computer with free software that comes with Windows 10.

Open up your cutter software and import the image to trace. Depending on your cutter software, there are many ways to do this. In Cricut design space, you import the image, tell Cricut what type of image it is (this one is simple and clean) and then you can make adjustments and save it as a drawing file. bring that into your software mat, and you are good to go! Change the cut to draw, making it the size that you want. You can hop on to the Cricut site to grab a simple card to put around the design – you can change colors and add more designs or a special lettering message if you wish – just to make it even more unique, and then load and send it to your Cricut maker. Draw, score and cut your card out!

That’s pretty much all that you do! Once you do it a few times, it will get faster and easier to set up. Plus, you can be more and more creative with this extra project. Pick paper that matches your design or gift, pick different pen colors and different card shapes. No one says that a card has to be square, right?

Make yourself stand out from the crowd and do a little extra for your machine embroidery – you will love the reactions to being just a little extra crafty!!

New Embroidery Merch!

OML Embroidery is starting a new line of embroidery merch!! We are so excited to be able to bring these awesome designs to you! The designs are printed onto the products – you can get t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, along with mugs and a few other items!

Have some embroidery fun and get some embroidery merch!!!

Kreative Kiwi ITH In the hoop pretty flower mug rug!

You will LOVE this Kreative Kiwi machine embroidery design – it’s finished completely in the hoop and is perfect for summertime- it’s fast, easy and looks fantastic!! The best part? It’s A FREE ITH DESIGN!! Thanks, Kreative Kiwi!

Head over to Kreative Kiwi and get this design for FREE!


BEVERLEY POTTER: My embroidery story

This is Beverley Potter’s embroidery story. Thanks for sharing with us, Beverley!

If you have an embroidery story that you would like to share, email it to me at

It all started several years ago in 1998 after my dad passed away. It was sad losing my dad but he had left me a little sum of money which I didn’t want to waste and have something to remember him by.  I already had an ordinary sewing machine and made clothes for my two daughters and loved the idea of being able to embellish and personalize them more. At the time I was living in England and there was to be a big event in a city near me, a grand expo with all types of glorious sewing equipment, fabrics and notions. It was at this show that I made my purchase of my first embroidery machine a Brother Super Galaxy 2000 which I thought was marvelous. Technology was not so advanced as it is now but to me it was magic. I was able to purchase a couple of different cards with designs on and it came with software PE Designs 2, for the computer which was a 3.11 windows machine which seemed at the time so fast and capable. 

I dabbled a bit trying to do my own simple designs, to a little degree of success, but I used mainly designs on the pre purchased cards.

In 2000 after a year of complex problems we decided to leave England and start a new in France, which was an extreme adventure, living for 12 months in a small caravan then into a bigger building in a barn for three years until our completely renovated longere was finished.  

Everything went on hold, most of our belongings in storage for that time, so, when eventually I managed to get my embroidery machine unpacked and tried to start using it, technology had advanced, computer operating systems changed and unable to use the design software and new software to expensive to purchase I used it very little, unable to get the card reader to connect and communicate no way of transferring designs the machine, it became redundant and only used the sewing machine part when clothes needed mending.  

Fast forward to 2012 when we moved yet again this time to central France, this time our belongings were in storage for a shorter period of time.  By Christmas of 2012 our first granddaughter was born and I had the urge to start making things for her. Taking another look at my old machine sat in the corner not being used to its full advantage. We once again looked into the possibility of getting software to work, updating the software, I was able to get PE Designs 8, solved the problem of getting the designs on to the card reader and designs on to the machine.   The advancement of technology and perhaps the knowledge by the manufactures that there were people out there with perfectly good older models but unable to use them, helped getting the machine back into working order. I was able to produce some lovely items for my granddaughter with some beautiful designs purchased over the internet, being able to download with such ease. but not really got into designing my own designs.  After a couple of years, a couple of things broke on my machine my husband was able to repair and get working but eventually it became harder to get the pieces I needed for that machine to work,  after the speed controller went and a couple of other electronical pieces my embroidery adventure came to an end.

 I had become resigned to the fact that embroidery passion was over as there was no way I could afford a new machine,  But in Jan 2018 I was blessed, lucky to see an advert for a Innovis 4000d for sale in the south of France about a 2 hour drive, It was at a VERY VERY good price. The sewing machine worked but the owner had had a problem with the embroidery unit there was an error which came up and was unable to use the embroidery part of it. I asked several questions over the phone about the problem but the owner wasn’t to clear on the exact problem. She had been told by a local repair agent it would cast more than a new machine to repair and had convinced to her to purchase another newer model which she did. My husband and I took a chance and decided to go look at it even if we couldn’t get the embroidery part working the sewing machine side of it would be better than the other old sewing machine I have. Three hours later we were looking at the machine tried the sewing part good but as the language was in French didn’t fully understand the message showing when plugging in the embroidery unit and the owner didn’t want us to change the language over to English ( we would have put it back to French afterwards), she just wanted rid of it, it was taking up too much space!!. 

We parted with our 200€ and took it away. Another 4 hrs. later in the comfort of our home, Language changed and screwdrivers out my husband dismantled the embroidery arm cleaned it out of fluff and where there was a sensor stuck down, he freed it and its been working perfectly ever since.  Except for operator error of course.

Now I have pe designs 10 software and trying to learn how to digitize and so thankful that I found the OML embroidery university facebook page and the brilliant Videos on You tube. Trying to devote more time to it. As ever, life has its way of turning things upside down and in turmoil, Now entering in to another difficult period, another potential move either back to England, or to another part of France, separation from my husband with hopefully a swift and painless divorce, freedom from mental emotional abuse.  I hope to be able to continue with learning the process of digitizing and be able to be self-sufficient in the future.  I am enjoying being part of the OML family and have to admit I am AN OML video addict watching every video as and when I get the opportunity.   Sue and Don are such an inspiration and just love their   presentations

8 sewing room hacks that are amazing!

8 sewing hacks that you will love!!

This video is about sewing tools and hacks from the dollar store. If you are a beginner sewer or embroiderer or a sewer embroiderer on a budget or check these dollar store hauls. Some of the sewing tools that we found are great sewing tools for beginners to keep your sewing room organized, and also to keep your sewing tools close at hand. These are some sewing tools must haves that will keep you on your sewing and embroidery budget. The dollar tree and some really good budget sewing tools! This is an amazing Dollar Tree Haul for 2019! Come shop with me and check out my DT haul! Are you on an embroidery budget? Are you a beginner embroiderer or beginner sewing and need to get some handy sewing tools for your sewing room? Check out these 8 awesome sewing room hacks that will help you get organized and make embroidery life easier! All of the items are from the dollar store (Dollarama) and are inexpensive additions for your embroidery room. We checked out the Dollar Tree In this video, I am going to show you how to get your sewing room organized and helpful tips and tricks to make your embroidery life easier! From organizing your sewing machine feet to hooping with ease to keeping your sewing scissors or applique scissors handy with a pretty hanger!

Lace Sweatshirt – step by step instructions! Gorgeous!

I love lace!! check out this video and learn step by step how you can take some lace embroidery designs from Angela Wolf’s Lace collection and stitch them perfectly on an old sweatshirt! Lots of tips and tricks on using the camera on the Brother PR1000E too!

My Anita Goodesign Story: Close to my heart.

Grab a coffee or tea, I am going to tell you a story. This is my Anita Goodesign story, and I am going to explain to you why Anita Goodesign is close to my heart.

My embroidery journey started around 15 years ago, when my kids were little and I was a stay at home mom. This is when I started loving embroidery and learning how to digitize. Within a year, I had formed my own embroidery business and was working very hard, with long hours no days off. Well, I still do that now, working on the business embroidery and then making videos on my “free” time. I am not complaining, I love to work hard and accomplish even the impossible tasks. Around this time, Anita Goodesign started and became (and still is) one of the biggest embroidery companies around. Oh, how I drooled over the designs – so pretty, lots of bright colors and gorgeous fabric. I purchased a few designs, but I never got around to stitching any of them. I moved these designs from computer to computer, backing them up on drives thus saving them for “someday” when I could stitch them out and hang them on my wall.

Fast forward a few years when Anita Goodesign started their website and had all of their design packs on display. Wow. I was thrilled that I could at least see the designs – have you seen the roses designs where they decorated jeans? Yeah, that one got my attention. I loved it. I kept going back to the website to peruse and be inspired and dream of the day when I could actually stitch these designs and be creative, true to my “out of the box” embroidery style. I wish I could be that lucky to be able to get and use the Diamond club designs and those amazing books. I was happily dreaming and being inspired by everything on the website.

Fast forward a few more years, and I finally got the time to do some Anita Goodesign stitching. Luck had nothing to do with it. It was a heart attack. Yep, I was 48 years old and had a heart attack. Not cool, universe. Not cool.

So, what the heck does a heart attack have to do with embroidery? I had to slow down, but I also had to get up and do things. I wanted to do things that made me happy, things that I have always wanted to do and just never took the time to do. This is how Anita Goodesign helped me on the long, long path of healing. I purchased a Halloween Quilt design that I had my eye on for a long time and started working.

I love the background fabric!

Don went out and bought me the exact fabric I wanted and helped me pick out the thread. He also threaded the machine, hooped and helped me stand up. But, I was up, I was happy and I was finally STITCHING ANITA GOODESIGN. The first block probably took me 2 weeks to complete. I could only do a little bit each day before I was too tired to continue. Every day got a bit better, and every day I did more. And more. I loved the design and how each block looked when I finished stitching. I powered on, stitched more. Kept working hard at moving and keeping busy. It was awesome. I felt lucky, happy and calm, because I had waited for 10 years to stitch this design. And I was doing a great job. A dream come true!

I told Don, my wonderful husband, that I had been coveting the All Access books for years – I loved the idea of the books full of gorgeous embroidery designs, silk fabrics, beautiful Floriani threads and so much more. Don insisted that I get a year’s worth of all access, plus all of the gifts you get. Yep, the time of my life picking out all of the designs that I had dreamed of for so many years. Another dream came true.

Fast forward one more time to last week. Last week we traveled from Canada to Charlotte, NC to go to the Anita Goodesign sale and see their offices. Like, see inside their offices – see the work in progress, the machines, the workflow. All of it. The embroidery nerd that I am had so many questions. What software do you use? What software does Stephen Wilson use? How do you do this? How do you do that? These were all questions that I had wondered about for years. Yeah, I am a nerd.

Look how happy I am!!

How does it feel to have your dreams come true? Overwhelming. Really, Really overwhelming, but absolutely awesome. I don’t think Taylor or Lane or anyone else had any idea how much that trip meant to me or how my brain was screaming like a little kid in a candy store the whole time. I boldly walked in there with my Zelda Shield backpack, exhausted and at the same time so excited, and asked Taylor all of my nerdy questions. The coolest part? He answered them all. So. Freaking. Cool.

I gotta be me.

Every month that I get the All Access Books I am thankful and very happy. When I do the videos looking through the books, my happiness, excitement and enthusiasm is real and is from the heart. It’s a big book of ideas, colors, creativity and embroidery designs. It makes me happy.

Both my kids love the Anita Goodesign All Access Books

That is my Anita Goodesign story. The Halloween designs that I loved so much made me get up every day and accomplish my dream and recover at the same time. I struggled, but I was doing it. I worked hard on myself while taking time to breathe a bit and do things that I wanted. For all of that, I am very thankful.

It’s true!! Invite me back, PLEASE!

So thank you to everyone at Anita Goodesign. Your hard work, creativity, and amazing books inspired me to get up after a heart attack and keep going. Everyone welcomed me into the offices. Y’all Let me be an embroidery nerd. You helped make my dreams come true. Even if I have some bad health days or my heart medications make me feel terrible, I can open up a book and be inspired, slow down and do what I can in the day.

This is why Anita Goodesign will always be close to my heart. Literally.

My next goal is to have 100K subscribers to the channel and get a Youtube Play button award. Big goals, I know. Help me make it happen.

Until next time

Stitch your dreams, you never know what can happen

Sue B