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the big question: WHAT MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?

hey, welcome to my podcast!  this week’s subject are questions that everyone asks:  WHICH MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?  WHICH MACHINE IS BEST?  WHICH MACHINE IS THE BEST VALUE?  and yes, I will answer the questions!  I wish I had a simple answer, but it really isn’t simple.  The machine that is best for me, is …

Embroidery talk with Sue Ep. 2

  Relax and enjoy listening to embroidery talk while you stitch.  Today’s special guest is R. Lynne (aka neon Lynne, Pink Lynne) and we have a fun chat about embroidery, the new Luminaire, Playing hookey (recorded on Sunday and we did play hookey), and many other subjects.  Pure embroidery fun!

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