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Do you speak embroidery?

Embroidery Lingo Let’s talk embroidery!  Do you know the lingo?  There are quite a few embroidery terms, short forms, and verbs that we need to be using properly to speak the embroidery lingo properly.  Using the correct terms will help everyone understand your comment or question better, and it will also help you make more …

Make old jeans new again with some LACE!! (it’s so pretty)

REPURPOSE YOUR JEANS with gorgeous ITH lace stitched on tulle and strategically sewn onto the jeans. In this video, I used Angela Wolf’s Lace Collection 1 for all of the designs – for the embroidery design I created, I used the elements from the collection and put them together in My Lace Maker software. This is a fantastic machine embroidery project to make old jeans look new!

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