Sew Many Embroidery things going on!

Have you been keeping up with OML Embroidery youtube channel and OML Embroidery University facebook page?  There is sew much going on it’s hard to keep up!  Everything is free at OML Embroidery – free classes, free lessons, free embroidery designs and free learning videos.   All we need from you is likes and shares and views of our videos!  It’s that easy!!

In the OML Embroidery University Facebook group, we have some free designs that we are giving away!  Don created a really nice fall embroidered alphabet for everyone to use for free.

As soon as we are done with that alphabet, we are going to give away a NEW FREE ALPHABET for Christmas!  IF you are in the group, you will have a chance to vote on which design you like best! Make sure you join so you can vote!!

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Free Embroidery Designs

If you are not in our Facebook Group, you are missing out!  Join our Facebook group and you will be able to get free embroidery designs to brighten up your Mondays!

Today’s free embroidery design so cute and it fits nicely into a 3 x 4 hoop!  We stitched out the design using red and white thread, and it looks so cute!  you could even use variegated thread for an awesome look.

Embroidery Art Design 1 pic1

JOIN our Facebook group called EMBIRD HAPPY DIGITIZING  and get the link to this free design!  This design is available for a limited time!  Join today so you don’t miss out.