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Do you back up your embroidery?

new podcast

There is so much to learn when you get into embroidery.  One great place to start is to learn the lingo.  Embroiderers use shortcut terms and lots of them like WSS and FST and we also have some strange terms like birds nest and thread shred!  If you want to learn how to speak embroidery …

the big question: WHAT MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?

hey, welcome to my podcast!  this week’s subject are questions that everyone asks:  WHICH MACHINE SHOULD I BUY?  WHICH MACHINE IS BEST?  WHICH MACHINE IS THE BEST VALUE?  and yes, I will answer the questions!  I wish I had a simple answer, but it really isn’t simple.  The machine that is best for me, is …

Embroidery talk with Sue Ep. 2

  Relax and enjoy listening to embroidery talk while you stitch.  Today’s special guest is R. Lynne (aka neon Lynne, Pink Lynne) and we have a fun chat about embroidery, the new Luminaire, Playing hookey (recorded on Sunday and we did play hookey), and many other subjects.  Pure embroidery fun!

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