Embrilliance QT: Stitch Artist 3: Cool letters

New quick tip video just released: Stitch Artist Level3: creating awesome lettering with groovy outlines. Kick your embroidery skills up a notch and add some outlines (and fun) and interest to your simple lettering. Even if you don’t have Stitch Artist Level 3, you need to check out this video and see what Embrilliance can do for your embroidery.

In this video, we add some lettering and centre it on the page.  After change the lettering to what we want (OML of course) and make a few adjustments and then use some quick and easy tools to add some automatic outlines that fit neatly around the fancy lettering in just one click!  After that, we inflate the outlines so they have a cool look to your lettering design. So check out this video even if you don’t have Stitch Artist Level 3 – you will find out how easy it is to make your embroidery lettering look better and more interesting.

Embrilliance Quick Tip: Auto Outline and Inflate Object

New Embrilliance Quick Tip video uploaded today.

Take a few minutes to check this on out!  Its showing off a few features of Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 3 – auto outline and inflate objects – two really cool tools – especially when used together with union.

Even if you don’t have Stitch Artist level 3 yet, check out the video and see what these two tools can do!

With the click of one tool button, you can auto outline quickly and perfectly.  You can auto outline just about any object or lettering.  Once you have added the outline, then you can assign stitches – run, satin, backstitch to name a few.

Once you have completed the outline, then you can make the outline bigger using the second tool – inflate object – and do a few more things with the outline – ignore holes if you are not doing lettering or any design with a hole, and make softer – so that the lines get softer, less sharp and look better.

Once you complete these two steps, you can assign more stitches and change the design once again.

So use a few awesome tools and create some cool embroidery designs quickly and easily in Embrilliance.

Embrilliance Tutorials: Stitch Selection

Busy couple of weeks, but we have quite a few new tutorials for you to view!  All are quick tip videos, but have tons of information in them, and of course all about Embrilliance Embroidery software.  You don’t want to miss any of these videos!!

this first video is all about stitch selections and how you can use them to quickly change parts of your designs – you can select stitches quite a few different ways – lasso, rectangle and brush!  Its easy and fun, and in a few quick steps you can change your amazing designs!

New Embrilliance Quick Tip Video

Check out this new quick tip video that we just uploaded:

All about stitch selections!  Making stitch selections is quick and easy AND you have more than one way to make your selection!  Not just a regular bonding box in a rectangle, you can also BRUSH your selection and lasso your selection.    Once you make your selection there are also many options – you can split the design, you can change the elected stitches to another stitch (from fill to satin, for example) and even change the pull compensation.

Check out the video – don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like the video and join our Facebook group Embrilliance Tips and Tricks.

Embrilliance Stitch Artist Classes

We finally took the leap and got the full version of Embrilliance!  It really is a brilliant embroidery program.

We have used the basic program for a little while, but found of course that it is a bit limited for our needs – we are all digitizers with 12+ years experience, so we don’t have much use for simple editing programs – we need to get the full program of everything we do.  So  months later, we finally did it.  And we are happy that we did!!

Our first impressions of the program are WOW.  Just wow.  One of the best features of the program is that it runs natively in Mac – yes, natively – not a program that was “re-designed” for mac, or a program that you have to boot camp or parallels to use, its right there like any other Mac program.  That. Is. AWESOME.  I have an iMac with a whopping 32 gig ram, so i have been itching to run an embroidery program on it.  You can understand why! (its a lot of RAM for one machine – it makes it very powerful and FAST).  And Embrilliance works perfectly so far!

I have a few quick tip videos up on Youtube right now, and I will be working on more and I will have some project tutorials coming up as well.  So, be prepared to learn some cool stuff and be wowed my Embrilliance.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, and teaching you how to digitize with this embroidery program.  I have been digging into the program and the learning curve is not too bad.

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