Embird Class 5 – Easter Egg Monogram

Class number 5 is now available!  Check out this awesome class and learn how to create your own Easter Monogram!  We cover lots of information in this video – including splitting designs quickly and easily, adding lettering, cutting holes, adding outlines to name a few, and learn how to digitize these great designs from a single image.  If you don’t have any monogramming fonts for embroidery, don’t worry – i show you how to use regular fonts and show you a great free font to download from the internet.

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Quick Tip video in Embird

New FREE video just released on Youtube:  WORKING WITH FILL STITCHES.  You can check it out here:

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Class video: All about column stitches

if you missed this class, you should go and buy it from omldigitizing.com!  We have had some great follow ups with people who attended the class and completed their homework – they are amazed at the level of digitizing they can now do!  the technique takes a little bit of practice, but once you get it down pat, it is absolutely amazing = and your embroidery designs will be up a few levels from the beginner level!

So check out the Column class in our store, and get to work on a new embroidery digitizing technique that will change how you digitize and help you to create stunning embroidery designs!

If you want to show off your homework, join the other people that have posted their amazing homework designs on our Facebook group Embird Happy Digitizing – join us for show off time, questions and answers and questions about the classes – we have a great conversation going on all about embroidery and Embird Digitizing skills.  Join us!

Embird: Stitch files vs. EOF files

Hey everyone!  Hope your digitizing is going well and you are having lots of fun learning Embird and playing with the program!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder about the difference between stitch files and EOF files, so everyone can have nice stitch outs and avoid any digitizing hassles.

Stitch files:  OK, i could copy and paste a nice definition of what exactly a stitch file is, but I think putting it in normal words would be better.  A stitch file is the “final” stitch file that you can use to send to your machine.  Your machine will only understand one basic stitch file – for example .PES.   I called the stitch file “final” because it is basically in the format to send to your machine – the right size, the right colors etc.  You can make some small changes to the stitch file in Editor AND studio, but only small changes – for example, you can make a 10% size enlargement and have no issues with density or stitch coverage.

OK, so one of the major misconceptions is that if you take a stitch file and use the drop down list that says “edit stitch file in studio” and make some edits in studio and save over it as an EOF file, that makes it an EOF file, so you can edit it like you would a native EOF file.


The stitch file is ALWAYS A STITCH FILE, no matter where you edit it.  Just because you bring it into Studio, or even call it an EOF file, it is still a stitch file.   The only  fully editable files are native EOF files – the ones you created from scratch in Studio.  So even if you bring the PES file into studio, it is still a stitch file, and all Editor Stitch file rules still apply.

Hope that  helps everyone understand what you can and cannot do with a stitch file and the difference between a true EOF file and a stitch file in Studio.






New Embird Tutorial video – all about stitches!

If you have finished the first two tutorials for an introduction to Embird, or you are familiar with embroidery digitizing, you can move on to our their video that is all about stitches.  The video is full of information, quick tips and shortcuts to help you on your way with learning digitizing.  By the end of this 45 minute tutorial, you will be armed with digitizing skills to help you get started creating your own designs and editing designs.


New tutorial video all about stitches and more!

New video will be uploaded shortly and its all about stitches! the different types of stitches and their uses, how to create them, shortcuts for creating special effects and so much more! How to combine two objects and how to edit a stitch file in studio.

Introduction to Embird:

Here is the first part of the video series, an Introduction to Embird – a beginners tutorial explaining how to use Embird.

Don’t have Embird?  Go to Embird.com and download the free 30 day trial and get started digitizing today!