New Sfumato Stitch Embroidery Tutorial

After two weeks of hard work working, I have finally finished the Learn to Digitize video on Embird’s Sfumato stitch! Whew!  Not that the program itself is that difficult to do (because it isn’t once you get the hang of it) but it was hard to put it all together, from start to finish on how to do things properly and easily.  Once you do things the Sfumato Stitch way, it all comes together!   And I got it all together, and this tutorial takes you from start to finish on how to create your own picture stitch embroidery designs.

This is the picture that I started with:  a simple close up picture from my iPhone of my best buddy, Gallifrey the Weenie Dog, (aka Gally or Frey).  This picture in its original form is high resolution to be able to get in all the details we need  in creating this embroidery design using Sfumato Stitch.


The video tutorial is a beginner Sfumato Stitch video so we will be going over the basics: how to pick a picture, which pictures will work and which pictures will not and why, picture resolutions and some Sfumato rules that you have to do. And, if you stick to the Sfumato Rules, you can have the same results with your pictures! There is nothing that adds more WOW to your design than making a beautiful stitch out that looks exactly like your model!  Its picture embroidery!

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Gallifrey looks so good!

Gallifrey looks so good!

Step outside the regular embroidery box and learn a whole new technique with a new set of embroidery rules and finally learn Sfumato stitch!

So grab the tutorial and get started on making your own picture embroidery!
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Look How cute the Dachshund Embroidery Design Looks!

If you are looking for the cutest Embroidery design every – you need to get this dachshund embroidery design.  Its a perfect quick stitch and fits into any 4 x 4 hoop.  This embroidery design will look amazing on just about anything!!  Here are a few samples of what we have done with the design:

dachshund embroidery design on a blue sweatshirt

Cute dachshund embroidery design on a blue sweatshirt

dachshund embroidery design on a hat

Dachshund embroidery design stitches out perfectly on a baseball cap

dachshund embroidery design on a rugby jersey

Looks amazing on any kind of a shirt!

The possibilities are endless.  Although the OML Dachshund design is perfect on its own, you can add some lettering or a name to make the design complete.

This design is great for Christmas presents, too.  One year, we embroidered the design on fancy tea towels – a quick and simple gift for a grandmother – and she loved it!  She had never seen Doxie Designed tea towels before and it was by far her favorite gift ever!  She uses them every day and absolutely cherishes them!

You can get the design HERE  and get embroidering for your dachshund or dachshund lovers!