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New tutorial just uploaded

new tutorial just uploaded – do you want to learn how to do appliqué manually and a little outside the box?  How about using weld and random broadening, and making some wave stitches?  This is a beginner/intermediate tutorial that I think everyone can learn from – we do so many different things to make this …

New project video uploaded: Thanksgiving Turkey Embroidery Design

We have had quite a few requests for digitizing lessons from start to finish!  We have created this 50 minute project lesson from start to finish – from brining in the jpeg to Studio, to creating the design, and then adding some lettering in Editor.  The turkey is a great design, and I made a …


We are planning some more classes for the next couple of weeks. Tonight’s class is on Embird Editor and we are going to be going over every tool that you use in Editor.  By the time this class is done, you will be very comfortable working in Editor. Next week’s class is all about working …

Introduction to Embird:

Here is the first part of the video series, an Introduction to Embird – a beginners tutorial explaining how to use Embird. Don’t have Embird?  Go to Embird.com and download the free 30 day trial and get started digitizing today!

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