IT’S SO TRUE!  Most elves run on coffee for the holidays and after!!  This in the hoop mug rug machine embroidery design is created with a satin-finished shaped edge and is finished completely in the hoop.


5×7 Hoop
WSS (fabric type)
batting to fit into the hoop

fabric or felt 6×6 each for the front and back Scrap fabric for the coffee cup

applique scissors
matching bobbin thread for the final satin stitches and lace stitches

RIBBON (optional) if you want to create an ornament

The Penguin video or any of the gingerbread videos will help you stitch this awesome mug rug.    This mug rug is finished completely in the hoop with a clean satin edge and a finished back – no turning is necessary.  The steps for stitching this design are basically the same for any of the designs.  You can watch any of the OML videos of mug rugs with a satin finish around the edge.



I know that many people are asking for written instructions, but I feel strongly that the video will help you finish this mug rug.  The embroidery design for the house is set up the exact same way each time:  batting, complete the appliques by trimming, one at a time, then do the detail work, and then the satin stitch.

I can give you a general outline of the steps:

Outline for batting.  Put batting down and stitch down.  outline for candy.  put the fabric down, stitch down, trim.  outline for left window and right window.  put the fabric down, stitch down and trim.  Outline for Door.  Put fabric down, stitch down and trim.   Stitch all of the detail work and STOP at the outline of the house.  put fabric on the back of the hoop for the backing – remember to put the fabric face down so the back will look pretty, too.  Change your bobbin to match the outside thread.  Stitch down the backing.  trim front and back, including backing.  Finish the outside satin stitches.  remove from the hoop and then trim the WSS, use water to make the edges perfect!

Once you stitch a few of these mug rugs, you will get the general order of things – and you can tell by the stitch sequence – the outlines are applique and the color changes on the outlines indicate a place down and trim!  You can do this!

Happy stitching!

Sue Brown

OML Embroidery

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