Shadowbox Horses Embroidery Design



For each size, you can make a quilt block, mug rug or make an applique for hoodies, sweatshirts or jackets.

Shadowbox block:  5×5, 6×6 and 8×8

Included are files to create three different projects:  quilt block, mug rug and applique for jackets or any clothing.  All in one download with instructions on how to do each task.

I picked some “fire” colours for my horses – and it is fantastic!  Start with the lightest colour and work your way up to the darkest thread colour or black always looks great for shadowbox embroidery designs.  Check out the shadowbox Owl design which I created with shades of purple fabric and thread.   Try using blues, greens, and reds – anything goes with this design.  There is only one applique, so most of this design is stitching – worth every minute of stitch time – the results are excellent.

All of these files are included in the download!






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