OML Live! Pumpkin Pie 7×7 and 9.5×9.5 Halloween Candle Mat



Bundle 2 sizes and save!  This design set is for a 7×7 AND 9.5×9.5 Halloween candle mat or mug rug.

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I had so much fun creating these Halloween Designs.  If you don’t have a 7×7 hoop, there is a special size for the 5×7 hoop available for separate purchase.

SUPPLIES: Correct hoop size for design

water soluble stabilizer to fit the hoop.

batting, background, and back fabric to fit the hoop

Orange fabric for the pumpkin appliques

Instructions:  (see video for more detailed instructions)

Hoop wss in the hoop size that you want to use.  The first step is the placement stitch.  Put down the batting and the background fabric.  The next step will stitch down both in the shape of the candle mat.  Stitch the green swirlies on each pumpkin.  Stitch the brown tops of the pumpkin.  Next is the placement stitch for each pumpkin design.  Place the pumpkin applique fabric down on each placement stitch – use spray if necessary.  Stitch down each pumpkin applique and trim each one.  Next is the satin cover stitches for the pumpkins.  After the black detail work stitches, then place the backing fabric face down UNDER the hoop.  Secure with tape if necessary.  stitch the outline stitch that secures the back to the design.  Trim the batting and top fabric and then the backing fabric.  Stitch the final satin stitches.

The XL design is stitched the same, except there are a few more details included before the final trim and satin stitches.

Here is the video that will help you put it all together, step by step.


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