Pumpkin Pie 5×7 Halloween Candle Mat



Bundle 2 styles and save! This design set is for a 5×7 piece Halloween candle mat or mug rug.  Once you put the pie pieces together, the finished design will be approximately 11 x 12.

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I had so much fun creating these Halloween Designs. There is another bundle of similar designs for larger hoops that do not require any piecing.

SUPPLIES: 5×7 hoop

water soluble stabilizer to fit the hoop.

batting, background, and back fabric to fit the hoop

Orange fabric for the pumpkin appliques

Instructions:  There are two styles of Halloween candle mug rugs or placemats included in this file.  The only difference is how they are put together at the end.  Make sure you are using the correct file for the instructions.


you will need to create a total of 6 pie pieces to finish the candle mat.  PLEASE NOTE:  To make it easier to sew the pieces together, leave out the batting for each block.  You can add the batting AFTER you stitch the pieces together and stitch in the ditch.  Leaving out the batting will reduce the bulk in the seams, and help the final design stay flat and more professional looking. 

Hoop WSS in your hoop.  Stitch the first placement line.  Put down your batting and top fabric, stitch down – do not trim, you will have to leave a seam allowance as each slice will have to be sewn together.  Complete the detail work and the pumpkin applique.  The last stitch is a line that is a bit larger than the end of the pie line, and this is your stitch line.  Once this step stitches, make sure to trim leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance all the way around.

Once you have all 6 completed, you can sew the pie pieces together, taking care to match up the coffins on the side.

Now you will lay the backing fabric, face down on top of the pumpkin pie.  Pin.  you can flip it over so that the back of the embroidered layer is up, so you can follow the stitch lines.  Sew the backing and the pie together REMEMBER TO LEAVE AN OPENING FOR TURNING.  Trim the seams.  Turn. Press and hand-stitch to close the opening or topstitch.

PUMPKIN PIE 2 (EASY).  This pumpkin pie slice is easier to put together than the original pumpkin pie.  The pumpkin pie 2 has a SATIN STITCH FINISH.

Follow the instructions for the placement, batting and pumpkin applique listed above.  Once all the detail work is done, the step before the satin stitches is an outline of the pie shape.  Add the backing fabric – facing down – under the hoop. Stitch the fabric down.  Remove the hoop from the machine and carefully trim the batting, top fabric and back fabric close to the line.  Change your bobbin to match your top thread for the final satin stitches.  Remove from the hoop once completed and remove the WSS with a little bit of water.

Once you have all the pie pieces stitched, you can zig zag attach each piece using your sewing machine and matching embroidery thread.

Here is a video for the larger Pumpkin Pies that are all in one piece but requires a large hoop.


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