OML Live! AHH COFFEE ITH in the Hoop mug rug+applique



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Are you ready for something cheery? Let’s enjoy our stitch along with a nice cup of coffee while we are stitching a nice cup of coffee!  This mug rug or applique design has some smaller applique pieces so you can use up some of those scraps!  You can match the sides and the triangles or use your scraps and make the applique different colors.  Don’t forget to match or contrast your threads, too!


soft cutaway

batting and back fabric to fit the hoop

coffee cup applique 2.5 x 2.5

5×5 background fabric

2x corner 2.5×2.5

2x side pieces 1.5 x 4

All applique’s are raw edge applique.


Here is the video that will help you put it all together, step by step.


  1.  Hoop soft cutaway.
  2. stitch placement line
  3. place batting down
  4. stitch batting down.
  5. Placement line for background fabric
  6. place fabric right side up
  7. stitch down fabric
  8. carefully trim, making sure that you leave a seam allowance.
  9. next placement stitch
  10. add fabric
  11. stitch down
  12. trim….keep going until all of the appliques are finished.
  13. Stitch the detail work, making sure you STOP before the last step.
  14. your machine will stop for this color change, and it will be an outline of the shape of the design.  before this step stitches, take your back fabric face down and put it down on the hoop.
  15. stitch the tack down for the backing.
  16. remove everything from the hoop and trim down the edges leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance, remember to leave more at the opening to make it easier to finish.  Clip the corners.
  17. turn the mug rug, carefully stitch up the opening.

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  1. Rose Rivera

    Love these videos. Learning so much

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