OML Embroidery LIVE Sew Along: ITH Large Flowers mug rug



This mug rug is larger than the regular mug rugs, so you will need a 6×6 hoop to create this awesome mug rug.    This mug rug was designed to match the 3 flower Hello Spring mug rug.

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how to stitch this out – there are a few tricks that you need to do in the right order to make this come together!

6×6 HOOP or larger
WSS (water-soluble stabilizer)
6×6 Batting
5×5 Circle
4×4 Large flower
3×3 smaller flower
6×6 Back fabric



  1.  hoop WSS
  2. stitch placement line
  3. place batting down
  4. stitch batting down.  trim now or after the back is on
  5. add background fabric, face up.
  6. stitch it down, trim now, or after the back goes on.
  7. Stitch the small embroidery flowers
  8. placement stitch for large applique flower
  9. place fabric face up
  10. stitch down
  11. satin stitches for half flower
  12. repeat for second flower and centers
  13. when the full shape of the design take the hoop out of the machine and turn it to the backside and place the backing fabric face up
  14. put back on the machine and stitch the back fabric
  15. trim front and back
  16. stitch the top of the flower, the rest of the circle and the bottom flower
  17. DONE
  18. watch the video for step by step instructions!


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  1. Alta Hartenburg

    how is it you are able to have all of these free

    • OML Embroidery

      the files are free for 1 week. I make a small amount of income from the youtube channel. As long as people are viewing the videos, liking and sharing, I will be able to continue giving files for free.

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