ITH In the Hoop Cute Monster Stuffie (4×4, 5×7, 8×8)



You can never have enough monster stuffies, right?  RIGHT!  Let’s have fun stitching out this in the hoop stuffie in 3 different sizes!

Once you purchase, you will be e-mailed the download links – so make sure your email is correct!  All 3 sizes are contained in the zip files.

You can use some stabilizer or regular stuffing – it only takes a little bit to fill these guys!  It’s a great scrap buster.  You can use towel scraps (so cute), felt, microfiber cloths, cotton fabric, fleece or any scraps that you may have.  There are a couple of tricks so make sure you follow all of the instructions on the video.

Join us live for a sew-along or watch the replay for step by step instructions.




If you want to make an early start, here are all the steps for the 5×7 and 8×8:

  1. Hoop Tear away fabric.
  2. IMPORTANT:  PLACE THE FABRIC (right side up) in the hoop BEFORE you start stitching.
  3. Make sure the stretch of the fabric is going from the top to the bottom of the monster.
  4. stitch the placement for the eye.
  5. put applique fabric down over the eye.
  6. stitch down the eye fabric.  Trim carefully.
  7. stitch all of the details – eyes, arms and designs in bright fantastic colors.
  8. BEFORE THE LAST STEP:  place the fabric for the back of the monster, face down on top of the hoop.
  9. stitch the final step of the design.
  10.  take everything out of the hoop.  remove as much of the tear away as possible.
  11. trim around the monster, making sure you leave 1/4 inch seam allowance.  IMPORTANT:  leave more fabric under the opening.
  12. clip corners and curves
  13. turn the monster to the right side.
  14. stuff the monster
  15. tuck the tabs inside the monster and close the opening


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