FREE: ITH In the Hoop Mug Rug: Help Each other (5×7)



We are all in this together!  Do what you can to help each other during this difficult time.   Most of all, keep yourself safe and healthy and follow the guidelines.  Let’s make the best of a scary situation and show your community how the embroidery community can come together and help each other. 

This is a satin stitch finish mug rug.

This in the hoop mug rug fits into the 5×7 hoop.  I have made everything different colors so that you can easily customize each element to the color that you want 🙂  Post your stitch outs in the OML Embroidery University Facebook Group and I will be happy to add it to the gallery of pictures on this product so everyone can see your work and color choices!.


5×7 hoop


batting, 2 pieces of fabric to fit into the 5×7 hoop


Hoop your WSS.

Stitch out the placement running stitch

add batting AND fabric on the hoop.

stitch down the fabric.  Trim carefully.

secure both layers with the zigzag stitch.

Stitch out the details, lettering and elements.

stop when you get to the outline stitch – this is where you add the fabric on the back face down.

Stitch the outline stitch to secure the backing


do the final satin stitches and decorative stitches.


7 reviews for FREE: ITH In the Hoop Mug Rug: Help Each other (5×7)

  1. Ingunn

    What a nice surprise, thank you for the design. Will make it as soon as a part for mashine arrives

  2. Jean Boothe

    Thanks I will make it soon

  3. Van

    Thank you. Love having projects to work on while at home. Not sure when I will be back at work. Thank you again.

  4. Sandra

    Thank you so much for the surprise.

  5. jennifer

    Thank you, just in time for sending out to all those groups and people helping others at this time xx

  6. JESS

    Thank you for the lovely mug rug.

  7. Crystal Campbell

    I missed the live on Saturday, but I will be making the shamrock. Thanks for your great tutorials and sew alongs. I might pop in on the digitising. I am debating on trying that.

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