Don’s Den: Motorcycle Machine Embroidered ITH mug rug 4×4



Don’s Den of Machine Embroidery Designs has a new mug rug! Check out the fantastic detail in this motorcycle!  This in the hoop mug rug is perfect for any living room or den or even man cave.  Y

Read and scroll down for supplies.

This is a shaped mug rug finished in satin stitches.




batting to fit the hoop

background fabric x2 for the front and back to fit a 4×4 hoop


  1.  hoop WSS
  2. stitch placement line
  3. place batting down
  4. stitch batting down.  trim now or after the back is on
  5. add background fabric, face up.
  6. stitch it down, trim now or after the back goes on.
  7. stitch out the details.
  8. your machine will stop for this color change, and it will be an outline of the shape of the design.  before this step stitches, take your back fabric face down and put it on the back of the hoop.  tape if you need to.
  9. stitch the tack down for the backing.
  10. take the hoop off the machine and carefully trim the back fabric, and batting and fabric if you didn’t do it earlier.
  11. change your bobbin to match the top thread and stitch the satin stitches and decorative stitches.  Done!


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