THIS PRODUCT IS FOR THE CHRISTMAS TREE MUG RUG, with a few changes to make it easier and faster!

The first Christmas tree mug rug that we worked on was a challenge!  there were a lot of steps, a lot of flipped fabric and a ton of precision placement required to get the mug rug to come out perfectly!  The first embroidered mug rug is fantastic for fine-tuning your embroidery skills, but it takes a long time to get a bunch done!

I thought I would make the Christmas Tree design look similar, but have fewer steps!  Here is what I came up with:











5×7 hoop

batting to fit into the hoop

background fabric:  6×8 ish

Tree fabric:  5×4 triangle scrap

8×7 fabric for back fold x2 folded in half

Pretty thread colors, or you can use metallic thread


You can follow along with a different sew along video to show you how to apply the folded fabric so that the mug rug can be finished, trimmed and turned!

Here is a basic rundown of the steps for the Christmas Tree 2

Step 1 Placement line

put down your fabric and batting

stitch down both

stitches background trees

placement line for the tree applique

put the fabric down, stitch down and trim

outside satin stitches

detail work 🙂

lay the larger folded in half fabric on top of the design, folded towards the middle, make sure they overlap each other

stitch down – you can remove from the hoop, trim and turn.

You will be able to see all of these steps and more on the OML Embroidery youtube channel!





Happy stitching!

Sue Brown

OML Embroidery

OML Embroidery University facebook group

OML Embroidery Youtube channel (this is where everything happens!!)  Subscribe now and be part of the team!

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