Be Mine 3 In the Hoop Mug Rug



Be mine 2 Mug rug is for a 5×7 hoop, and looks very elegant!  Check out that font!  You are going to love this one – it is beautiful and elegant and a quick stitch!

Read and scroll down for supplies.


5×7 hoop

batting to fit the hoop

6.5 x 4.5 fabric for center applique

8×7 fabric (x2) folded in half for the back


  1.  Stitch placement line
  2. place batting down.
  3. stitch batting tack down stitch
  4. place fabric down
  5. stitch fabric tack down stitch
  6. Placement stitch for first applique
  7. place applique fabric over the placement line
  8. stitch tack down stitch
  10. BEFORE THE LAST STEP, take your folded fabric and place the first one down, fold towards the middle of the design.  Next place the second piece overlapping the first one, fold toward the center.
  11. stitch the last step which secures down the folded fabric.
  12. trim around the outside of the design, clipping the corners.
  13. turn the mug rug inside out. DONE!



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