Embird Studio Class

If you missed the class last night, it was an introduction to Embird Studio, just a basic introduction of how to get around in Studio and how to use all of the tools and where they are located.

We had enough time to go through most of the tools in the drop down menu and show everyone how to use the tools and what they do. We had a few laughs-I was on Don’s computer so I had to try very hard not to change things around to how I like them. Sorry Don.

For everyone who registered and paid for the class, you should have received an email containing the link and authorization for you to view the video of the class so you can review everything that you have learned – there was a lot of information – so you can go over the video and take it as slow as you want!

For those of you who did not register for the class, or are just hearing about the classes, join us! We have a few upcoming classes that you don’t want to miss – next sunday we are going to start digitizing at a beginner level – from how to bring in an image that we want to use to create embroidery, how to size it properly, and how to digitize from there! We are going to make it simple at first, but once we have the design done, we are going to work on a few ways to change it to be more complicated.

IF you are a beginner and you have missed some classes and want to catch up – you can find videos of all of the classes at OML Digitizing, along with a few exclusive embroidery designs and some absolutely awesome Project Tutorials.

If you would like to download a copy of the Embird Studio Class from October 4, 2015, you can find it HERE.

Enjoy learning and HAPPY DIGITIZING!

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