New Quick Tip Video plus More!

New quick tip video just uploaded to youtube! If you subscribe to our youtube channel, you can get email notification every time we upload a new video!

This weeks quick tip video is all about images – when working in studio, how to bring a photo into studio and how to work with images including how to resize any picture. Is your jpeg pixelated? No problem, I show you a few hints an tips on how to work with pixelated jpegs!


I liked the picture so much, I decided to make a whole video on how to digitize the turkey! Its a really cute pic, and the design turned out great! You can check out this new video at OML DIGITIZING and you can learn all about digitizing a turkey to make awesome Thanksgiving designs! You also get the picture with the video, so you can learn and digitize at the same time.

Happy Digitizing!

Upcoming Digitizing Videos

If you are keeping up with us, we have posted quite a few new videos in the last while!  I have taken a few days off from making Embird Videos  to finish off the studio/embroidery room,  and we are now all ready to get back into making videos.  The next youtube video to watch for is a quick tip on Nodes and how to edit notes in Studio.  We are then going to make a longer and comprehensive video on node editing in Editor and in Studio.   Once you are done with this video, you will be a master of the Node Editing Mode, and you will be able to fine tune all of your embroidery creations!  We will have the Quick Tip up in a couple of days and as soon as we are finished setting up the technology in the studio – including a new microphone – we will have crystal clear sound.

Everyone so far has been learning a ton from the youtube videos and the more in depth videos and especially the classes!  The next upcoming class is Sunday October 11, 2015 and we will be digitizing a couple of Halloween  designs and we are going to start with brining the design into studio, and then we will digitize it from start to finish.  After that we will be doing some extra things to get in some details to make it look better.  If we have time in the class, we will be doing another Halloween Design in the same manner!

Happy Digitizing everyone, and join us on Youtube,  on the website and for classes and get learning digitizing with Embird.

Keep calm, and digitize on 🙂

I always say Happy Digitizing because everyone should be happy digitizing – its super fun and creative – and hopefully all the videos and information will help ease any frustration!


Embird Editor + Brother Scan N Cut = Perfect Appliqué

If you have ever struggled with cutting out complicated appliqué, there is a solution: Brother Scan N Cut! Its an amazing machine, and its not just for paper! You can use it to cut out your appliqué – and the cut outs are absolutely PERFECT.

Check out my new video and learn how to transform your .PES (or any stitch file) into a file that the Brother ScanNcut understands – you will be surprised at how easy it is to do!


Embird Beginner Class on Sunday, October 4, 2015.

This is going to be an awesome class!  Woot!

In the first class, we talked all about Embird Manager, and everything you can do in Embird Manager- and there are probably more things to do than you think!  Its a great way to manage your files.  If you missed that class, you can still get the video  HERE, so you don’t have to miss anything.

The second class in this series was all about Embird Editor.  Despite a few technical errors with my mouse not showing up (panic!!)  it was a great class and everything was covered in it.  I heard from a few seasoned Embird users that they learned a few new things – it just goes to show you that you should never be afraid to learn new things!   Even Don learned a few new things – he was really happy with that 🙂  If you missed this class, you can get a copy of the video of the class HERE.

So the next class is on Sunday, and we are going to go through Studio with a fine tooth comb, so to speak.  We are going to go over everything that you need to know to be comfortable working in studio.  It will also be a great class- you should be able to learn quite a few new things, or how to do things, and how to use all of the tools.  We may or may not get into different stitches, but it should be informative, nonetheless!

Once we get through Studio – we may do it in two classes, we are then going to move on to some digitizing.  I will probably do two classes and do some awesome Halloween designs!  For these classes, I will be able to give you the designs to work with, as “homework” and see what you guys can come up with – and I always encourage out of the box thinking, so hopefully you can come up with some cool ideas!

New video today ” Dachshund Embroidery appliqué – how to use appliqué with a cutter” so we will be spending some time in Studio and then the rest of the time in the brother cutter site.  The design looks awesome, too.

So HAPPY DIGITIZING everyone, and I hope to see you in class on Sunday!

New class videos now up!

It has taken a little while to figure out, but we have finally done it – we have posted the videos of all of the classes to date for everyone to get!  We took so long to figure it out for a few reasons:  cost for one, websites can be expensive!  the second reason is ease of use:  it was difficult on our present website to upload the videos, and it took forever!  The videos had to be split up into smaller parts.  That was very time consuming to do, and we thought it was more difficult for everyone to download!  Its a bit annoying to have to download three or four different files for one download, right?

So we have all of this fixed now, and you can download the class video files in their entirety in one download!  Nice and easy and you won’t have to worry about missing anything in the classes – you can basically “attend” class at any time that you want!

We will be making some changes to to accommodate the new website that holds all of our files and videos and embroidery designs to make it even easier for everyone to find them!  But for now, you can go to and you can find all of the classroom videos plus a few more, including project files!  learn at your leisure and have some fun at the same time!

So head on over to OMLdesigns and check out the videos.  We are still loading up the website, so check back often for new videos and new designs!


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Classroom Tips

Hi Everyone! Here are some tips suggestions for everyone attending our weekly classes:
Sign up in advance for the classes to reserve your seat in the class.  We are still “testing” the new software for the classroom, and so far we think that its simple and easy for everyone to use – it gives more of a classroom type setting – you can join the OML school, and then join different classes!  You have a nice record of upcoming classes, too.   Thats another reason why we suggest below that you sign up for the Classroom as well as the classes.
When you are signing up, register on the e-lecta site for the OML classroom. Once you are signed up as a student, you will have access to an abundance of information – including the dates and times of your upcoming classes! If your attendance email gets lost or shows up too late for class, you can simply to to the classroom and sign into your account and get in that way! Super easy!
I would suggest that you show up for the class early : you can get into the classroom 15 minutes before class starts- that gives everyone time to check their audio and microphone to make sure everything works! We are there doing the same things, so stop in early and say HI!!  If you  are having any issues you can always put your hand up and type into the chat box and let us know how we can help!

Make sure that you have a good internet connection for streaming. If you have slow internet, your internet connection might be lost and you may have issues streaming the class! But everyone who signs up for the class will get a free copy of the video of the whole class, so you won’t miss a thing!
Most importantly, if you are having any issues at all about anything at all, you can email us or call us and we will help you out! Of course if you email or call during class time, we can’t answer because we are teaching a class 🙂
Hope that helps everyone, and we look forward to seeing you in the classroom for some great embroidery digitizing lessons!

Embird: Stitch files vs. EOF files

Hey everyone!  Hope your digitizing is going well and you are having lots of fun learning Embird and playing with the program!

I just wanted to post a quick reminder about the difference between stitch files and EOF files, so everyone can have nice stitch outs and avoid any digitizing hassles.

Stitch files:  OK, i could copy and paste a nice definition of what exactly a stitch file is, but I think putting it in normal words would be better.  A stitch file is the “final” stitch file that you can use to send to your machine.  Your machine will only understand one basic stitch file – for example .PES.   I called the stitch file “final” because it is basically in the format to send to your machine – the right size, the right colors etc.  You can make some small changes to the stitch file in Editor AND studio, but only small changes – for example, you can make a 10% size enlargement and have no issues with density or stitch coverage.

OK, so one of the major misconceptions is that if you take a stitch file and use the drop down list that says “edit stitch file in studio” and make some edits in studio and save over it as an EOF file, that makes it an EOF file, so you can edit it like you would a native EOF file.


The stitch file is ALWAYS A STITCH FILE, no matter where you edit it.  Just because you bring it into Studio, or even call it an EOF file, it is still a stitch file.   The only  fully editable files are native EOF files – the ones you created from scratch in Studio.  So even if you bring the PES file into studio, it is still a stitch file, and all Editor Stitch file rules still apply.

Hope that  helps everyone understand what you can and cannot do with a stitch file and the difference between a true EOF file and a stitch file in Studio.






Beginner Embird Classes – Class 2 on Editor

I think the class last night went very well, despite a few technical issues that we had!  Well, one of them was a BIG issue,  that didn’t happen on the week before!  My mouse pointer didn’t show up!  OMG, that was a bit un nerving, but realizing that we were live and in the middle of teaching an embroidery class, the class had to go on.  I had to figure out on the fly how to make sure everyone saw what I was doing, and understood what I was doing too!

In this class, we went over the fundamentals of Embird Editor in lots of detail – everything you could do in Editor – lettering, short cuts and a few hidden gems that everyone forgets about – they are there in Editor and a few things are really cool – like easily making a clock face with one click – perfect for those crafty embroiderers to come up with an awesome gift – a personalized custom embroidered clock!  Awesome and super easy to do.

Class 1 was an introduction to Embird focusing on Manager, Class 2 was focusing on Embird Editor and Class 3 and 4 will be on Embird Studio – everything about Embird Studio tools and how to get around Embird Studio quickly and easily.  If you have followed along with our classes, by the time you have finished with the 3rd or the 4th class, you should be very comfortable working in Embird in any module and you will know where you need to work – what you can and can’t do in each module.  Once you are comfortable, we should be ready to start digitizing!  We have a couple of cool digitizing classes planned that are getting more advanced and will be using all of the skills that we have learned in the first few classes!  Keep with the classes and we can keep working together to create some beautiful embroidery designs from beginning to end!

Happy Digitizing!


We are planning some more classes for the next couple of weeks.

Tonight’s class is on Embird Editor and we are going to be going over every tool that you use in Editor.  By the time this class is done, you will be very comfortable working in Editor.

Next week’s class is all about working in Embird Studio.

Future class ideas are:
Halloween Digitizing
Thanksgiving design digitizing
How to create Motif stitches
Trapunto (might take 2 classes to complete)
Free standing lace (2 classes)

Please let me know what you guys think, or if you have any other ideas.



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