Introduction to Embird, Part 1

For everyone out there that wants to learn how to digitize embroidery designs and don’t know where to start – you can start here.

This video is a basic introduction to Embird – the different levels of Embird (manager and studio) and what to use and when.  When you are done with the video (there are two parts), you should have a good basic knowledge of the program, and you should be able to navigate around the software and begin to feel comfortable with the software.

I always suggest that you can learn by watching.  If you have some already digitized embroidery design, go ahead and bring them into Embird and use the Sew Simulator and watch how the design stitches out.  It will be a great help to see how other digitizers work.  Look at the order of the stitches, the connectors and the layers that are stitching out.  you can watch it a few times and learn something new each time.  Start off with a simple design to see how it works, and then go to a complicated design and watch that stitch out.

Start learning digitizing today!

Don’t have Embird? Go to and download the free 30 day trial and get started digitizing today!

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