How to create amazing embroidery lettering with Embird

If you look at any logo design, whether its embroidery or otherwise, lettering is a main part of the design.  Whether its a one letter logo, or a logo with a full company name – the message gets through with the lettering.

In this video, we explore the many different ways of creating embroidery lettering.  You can learn how to shape and change and manipulate words, or individual lettering.  Easily create outlines, change the outline design (try using a different stitch for the outline – the effect is awesome) and how to change the stitch type of the lettering itself – you can make it flat with regular stitches, or regular satin stitches or even single stitch letters for small lettering – all with one or two clicks!

Add some creativity and flare to any design, or create shaped lettering all on its own.  Take your embroidery skills to the next level and learn to do embroidery lettering.

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