Have you heard the news?

There are even more reasons to try Hatch for  free.

But first, here is an announcement that is going to give everyone an opportunity to have huge benefits and guidance for all things Hatch.

There was a big announcement  on a couple of Hatch Facebook groups!  I am so excited about everything that is happening.  Here is the announcement if you have not seen it yet:


As a new Wilcom Hatch reseller it has been a very exciting time for us here at Digitizing Made Easy! Our goal is to not only share the best software with embroidery enthusiasts, but also the best education and support in the entire industry.
In reflection of these goals we are very excited to announce that acclaimed digitizing instructor Sue Brown is joining our interactive online educational team. Sue’s is presently known for her informative video education, her fun teaching style and passion for Hatch will prove to be a great asset to all Hatch users. Sue’s current and upcoming lessons will be available on our Digitizing Made Easy site and social media.
We are also combining our Hatch Face Book Groups to provide a united experience for all Hatch enthusiasts. I invite all current “Wilcom Hatch Tip and Tricks” member to join our “Wilcom Hatch Facts” group. This combined decision was made to strengthen the support and education provided for all group members.
On a personal note, I have rarely met anyone who is as passionate about the art of digitizing as I am. Sue shares my passion and for that reason I know we are going to help others embrace this “art” as much as we do.
John Deer

It’s the most exciting news and biggest thing going on in a long time!  John Deer is an amazing digitizer, and an amazing teacher too.  I think everyone can watch his classes and learn something about embroidery, and of course something about Hatch, too.  Watching him work in the classes is amazing – his attention to detail makes any embroidery design a work of art.

Now, there are even more reasons to try Hatch free for 30 days – you can get some bonuses from John Deer – including some classes to start you off on the Hatch experience.   Once you have tried Hatch, we know you will love it – and want to buy it, get it from John,and he will give you even more bonuses!

DIGITIZINGMADEEASY.COM is the place to go, and the place to be.

The new facebook group is called HATCH FACTS.

Join us and get going on the Hatch Experience.   You don’t know what you are missing.

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