Class 2: Step by Step digitizing of a Happy Bee





Class number 2 is up now!

In this class, we are digitizing a cute bee just in time for Valentine’s day.  This class is a step by step instruction on how to create this awesome design!  We use quite a few tools in the class and I take you through my workflow.  I use fill stitches, column stitches, and motif stitches.  We do text to path lettering, and automatic outlining.  We work with nodes to fix a slight error without re-doing the whole object.  Once we get the basic shapes done, I show you how to improve the design and make it look complete, and a little bit better with each step.

There is lots of information in this video and I think it will help everyone to get started or continue to work in Embird studio.  When you purchase the video, you will receive the video to download as well as the clipart that I used.  You can either follow along with the video, or watch the video and then work with the clipart!  Post your finished designs on Facebook as “homework”.  You can do the design as I have done it, or come up with some twists and changes and make the design your own – Michael S is great at thinking outside the box!  So, do your homework and lets see what you can come up with.

Here is the link to the video.  Happy Digitizing and of course Happy Valentine’s day too!




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